LYNX SECURITY LYNXSECURITY is the result of years of experience and constant Research & Development, manufacturing process has stringent quality certifications and careful selection of components to ensure complete stability in the operation of equipment , and superior technical performance.

LYNXSECURITY is a priority to provide efficient after sales and differential backup that stand out significantly when compared with other brands.

Your Service Center is comprised of specialized technical support attentive to the questions and concerns of customers on schedule and with high standards of quality time.

If you have concerns about the policies of “Warranty and Repair Service” , contact the Service Center email.

The equipment warranty period governed by one (1) year from the date of purchase to the authorized dealer LYNXSECURITY

The wholesale distributor will process guarantee the Authorized Service Center LYNXSECURITY for the respective region.

The integrator processed guarantee wholesale distributor who made ​​the purchase of equipment .

If you want to know the procedure and information assurance policies LynxSecurity, I invite you to read on or if you prefer you can download the entire document into a PDF file. (Click here to download PDF)



Fill in the “Receipt and Delivery of Equipment Collateral, (Click here to download)” form and send to email You will receive by return mail back the form with a case number (RMA), which is applicable to equipment within the warranty period for equipment and outside it (repair service cost).
To complete the form you will need to have the following information about the product:

  • Invoice number and date
  • Model number of the device or
  • Serial Number
  • Detailed description of the equipment failure.

The Service Center will issue a preliminary diagnosis and sent to the email address of the customer. If the computer indicates present a fault attributable to manufacturing defects and is within the warranty period, continue to the next step, otherwise the customer will define if sent to the service center for the purpose of “Service with Cost”.

During this stage, in some instances the Service Center will contact the client to issue directions and recommendations could solve problems in the game and avoid sending it to the service center.

According to opinion of the Service Center, pack the product in its original presentation, attach the form “Receipt and Delivery of Equipment Collateral” (with RMA #) and return the product to the following address LYNX SECURITY Service Center for Latin America:

Parque Empresarial Servicomex Express
Calle 15 No. 35-75. Bodega 1
Acopi – Yumbo (Colombia – Sur América)
IP PBX.: (57)(2) 488 4040 Ext. 119-107

The freight cost of shipping to the service center will be borne by the customer, the cost of return freight to the place of origin shall be made ​​by:

  • The Service Desk at LYNX SECURITY checked the applicability of warranty
  • The client being a team referred to faults within the numeral “II. Warranty Exclusions and Limitations “.

Upon receipt of the equipment, the Service Center will make a technical and functional assessment to determine the application / warranty coverage in the process interact with the customer to complement the assessment process and generate a final accurate diagnosis.

Being a computer under warranty, this will be returned to the place of origin in perfect working order. The packaging, accessories and manuals accompany the team as long as they have been sent to the service center with the same from its original arrival.


LYNXSECURITY warrants to an effective guarantee of one (1) year from the date of purchase to the wholesale distributor, for products which are defective in workmanship and / or performance.The limited hardware warranty does NOT apply if:

  • The coverage period of one ( 1) year has expired.
  • The product has been operational adjustments , repair, alteration and / or modification not listed in your product documentation , or carried out without the prior written consent of LYNX SECURITY
  • not have been treated the instructions included in the product documentation , or other specific instructions given by the service center or commercial area LYNXSECURITY or its authorized distributors
  • If the product is damaged by misuse, abuse , human negligence , accident, improper installation conditions , environmental or climatic causes (defined as electrical surges , water / moisture, exposure to temperatures outside the range allowed by the technical data sheet).
  • Missing, damaged or Sticker adulteration of the product containing the Model and Serial Number
  • The product has been purchased through a channel / dealer irregular or unauthorized by LYNXSECURITY.
  • damage or malfunction was caused during storage or transport.
  • related damage by any other cause not related to defects in design, workmanship and / or defective materials.


Means repairs out of warranty products those presented by expiration of the original period of coverage, or because of a failure in performance caused by reasons not attributable to manufacturing defects variables (see paragraph II. Exclusions and Limitations of Warranty) .The Service Center will provide the customer with a cost estimate for labor, parts and shipping to the place of origin, also estimate and report the time required to perform the repair. Service Center the right to recommend the repair or purchase of new equipment is reserved.